Samsung changes release date of S4 due to iPhone 5

There's no denying that Samsung has created a hugely successful phone with the Galaxy S3, selling over 20 million units in the first 100 days of release. The company is competing fiercely with Apple by trying to convince consumers that the Galaxy line is far better than the latest iPhone.

Now, according to the Korea Times, it looks like Samsung is moving the release date for the upcoming Galaxy S4 up to March, only nine months after the release of the S3. The reasoning is that this will give the Galaxy S4 more shelf time before the iPhone 6 is released, leading to higher sales and possibly eating into Apple's market share.

The new Galaxy S4 is rumored to have a slightly larger screen, increasing from 4.8" to a 5" display. It will also use the Samsung Exynos processor, forgoing the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. This move gives Samsung more control over the quality and timing of releases by reducing the dependency on Qualcomm. According to one industry executive, "Samsung’s edges in manufacturing will further shine after the patent disputes go further on. In markets, Samsung is confident to widen its lead over Apple."

The new phone is expected to be formally announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona in early 2013.

Will this move alienate the millions of people who purchased the S3? Or should everyone already expect that the lifespan of technology is constantly shrinking?

Source: Korea Times via: The Next Web

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