Samsung confirms plans for Windows 8 touch screen PCs

Its not exactly a shock to hear this piece of news but Bloomberg has posted up word today that Samsung still has plans to offer up a touch screen-based PC that will run Microsofts upcoming Windows 8 operating system sometime in 2012. In September, Samsung provided attendees of Microsofts BUILD conference a touch screen PC that was running the developers preview version of Windows 8.

The Windows 8 device will be a variation of Samsungs Series 7 slate PCs that are already available and are running Microsofts current Windows 7 operating system. People who buy one of these Series 7 slate PCs will be able to get a Windows 8 update when it is launched although Samsung has yet to reveal exactly how this update program will work.

Its clear that Samsung and Microsoft are pretty tight in terms of developing Windows 8 to work on Samsungs slate PCs. Its also clear that Samsung sees that offering Windows 8-powered touch screen devices is going to be a major part of their future product line up. Samsung already sells a number of tablet devices under the Galaxy Tab brand, all of which run under Googles Android OS.

With Samsung making Windows 8 PCs, and HP already announcing its intentions to offer up tablet devices that will run Windows 8, its looking like the Windows 8 launch will have quite a few touch screen-based devices to choose from.

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