Samsung could drop the iris scanner on the Galaxy S10

Samsung's next flagship phones, which are expected to be named Galaxy S10, may not have the iris scanner that's been featured in the company's recent top-of-the-line offerings, according to a report from Korean outlet ETnews. The decision comes from the fact that the manufacturer wants to increase the screen-to-body ratio of the phone, but also lines up with the inclusion of the fingerprint sensors underneath the display, a first for Samsung's flagships.

As previously reported, the Galaxy S10 will come in three variants, all of which put the fingerprint sensor in the phone's screen. The cheaper model is expected to use the same kind of optical sensors we've seen on phones such as the OnePlus 6T, while the higher-end models should use an ultrasound sensor from Qualcomm. Previous reports had suggested that there might be some form of 3D facial recognition on the Galaxy S10, but if Samsung does intend to extend the screen to the edges of the phone, that may end up not being the case.

The iris scanner was first included by Samsung in its ill-fated Galaxy Note7, and it's been a landmark of its flagships since then. It's a more convenient way to unlock the phone as opposed to the rear-placed fingerprint sensor, which might be another reason the company is no longer using it - with the fingerprint under the display, it should be easier to reach than in past models.

Source: ETnews via SamMobile

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