Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date could be September 3rd

The successor to Samsung's flagship Note 3 phablet device, the Note 4, could be with us in a little over three months according to a Samsung insider. Expected to boast similar specs to the company's own Galaxy S5 handset including 3GB of RAM and a quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor, the Note 4 will also extend the capabilities of the range's S-Pen stylus functionality and is likely to bring the heart-rate monitor and fingerprint sensor from the S5 too.

A source of Android Geeks told how Samsung had scheduled September 3rd as the new handset's release date and said that the company will begin distributing press invites in August.

The September 3rd date would make it exactly one day earlier than the Note 3's unveiling last year, on September 4th, making it perfect timing to release the next-generation device. The date also suits as it should coincide with the expected iPhone 6 launch by Apple in late-August and Samsung traditionally tries to steal some of Apple's early sales with updates to its Note devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be the successor to the company's current Note 3 phablet device (pictured)

One interesting and unconfirmed fact surrounding the device is what display size will be used. Traditionally, the Note's screen has grown larger with each generation in 0.2-inch increments, rising from 5.3-inches with the original Note to 5.7-inches in the Note 3. Logically, this would put the Note 4's panel at 5.9-inches but some sources, such as those presented by a report given to Android Geeks, indicate that the Note 4 will actually retain the Note 3's 5.7-inch unit. After all, device displays cannot grow exponentially forever. Either way, the handset will almost certainly be Quad-HD at 2560x1440 which will mean you can expect pin-sharp text and crystal-clear images.

The popularity of the Note has grown through the generations especially with those seeking productivity tools which its S-Pen, enabling proper note-taking and multitasking, has allowed for. The next incarnation of the device will almost certainly build upon and expand those capabilities to produce a truly excellent all-round Android handset.

Source: Android Geeks | Image via CNET

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