Not all Samsung Omnia 7 devices are getting Mango

With the Mango roll-out now happening, Microsoft has posted up on its "Where's my phone update" page that the Samsung Omnia 7 may not be getting the Mango update depending on your carrier. According to the international roll-out page, the Samsung Omnia 7 is excluded from the Mango update in certain regions. Unlike the AT&T devices that are simply delayed, the Omnia 7 is not listed in being at any stage of the preparation process.

For those who own an Omnia 7, this is heart breaking news that your Windows Phone device is currently stuck at its current state and no word on if, or when, any update will be available. Could it be that the volume of Omnia devices sold was so low that it was not worth creating the update or were there many hardware revisions that make creating an update a painstakingly long process? While we may not ever know the answer, right now, some with an Omnia 7, appear to be out of luck.

We will keep you updated if we hear more about what is going on with the Omnia 7. But at this point, it would look like those with the Omnia 7 are out of luck when it comes to Mango.

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