Samsung shoots down early launch for Galaxy S IV

On Monday, the Internet got hit with a report from the Korean Times that suggested that Samsung was going to move up their timetable for the launch of the Galaxy S IV smartphone. The story said that the next device in Samsung's flagship Android-based smartphone family could be released as early as March 2013. The Galaxy S III (shown above) was launched in late May 2012.

Now it appears that Samsung is trying to keep those reports in check. In a post on the Korean-based Samsung Tomorrow Twitter account, the company stated that the reports are "not true".

The Galaxy S III has been highly successful for Samsung so far, selling 20 million units in its first 100 days. However, this week's new rumor claimed that the company wanted to get the Galaxy S IV out earlier so it would have more of a shelf life before Apple launches the next version of the iPhone in 2013.

Samsung has been on the offensive since the announcement of the iPhone 5 last week. It ran a big ad in several major US newspapers that tried to show the Galaxy S III was superior in many ways to Apple's next iOS device, which will go on sale this Friday.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow Twitter account | Image via Samsung

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