Samsung shows window-based touch screen PC

Glass windows are, let's face it, boring. They only bring in light into a home or office and, well, not much else. But what if you could turn your window into a touch screen PC? Now you're talking. In a new video from Samsung, the company showed a demo of such a concept product, the Transparent Smart Window, that was first shown at CES 2012 last week.

The video shows part of the product's demo presentation. The Transparent Smart Window could be used in, say, a kitchen window. The 46 inch LCD screen can be used by anyone in the kitchen to look up recipes for cooking. Users can also have the device do other PC tasks like checks stock prices or their Twitter account with the touch screen interface; it can even be used to watch television.

The cool thing about this device is that it is truly transparent. It still allows part of the sun to come through the window. In fact, the screen is partly powered by the sun which also makes it eco-friendly. If you feel it is too bright, the screen has a virtual shade that can come down and block all of the sun's rays. At night, the device gets light from its own sources.

This is still a prototype product from Samsung but we can certainly see the Transparent Smart Window being used right now in both the home and in business. Let's hope this concept turns into a real product in the near future.

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