Samsung SSD 840 Evo review: Is this the best mainstream SSD yet?

If our lack of reviews didn't give it away, there have been few noteworthy SSD releases this year, with OCZ's in-house Vertex 450 and the Marvell 88SS9187-based SanDisk Extreme II being the primary exceptions. That's a lot less eventful than previous years and 2012 alone brought the OCZ Vector and Vertex 4, Crucial Adrenaline, Intel SSD 520 Series as well as countless other SandForce SF-2281-powered drives.

Samsung's contribution to the enthusiast flash drive market perhaps deserves special recognition, as its 840 Pro series arrived ahead of the holidays with 21nm Toggle NAND chips and crushed most of the competition. Flash performance and endurance is a tricky subject, and yet Samsung's flagship, the SSD 840 Pro remains one of the best in both categories.

Having aced its attempts at speed and durability, Samsung seems focused on solving flash's biggest sacrifices: size and affordability. Its new SSD 840 Evo lineup has models spanning from 120GB to 1TB, with the largest costing only $0.65 per gigabyte thanks to its use of TLC NAND.

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