Samsung to release a software update for Galaxy S8 and S8+ which fixes red-tinted screen

Samsung has just announced that it will issue a software update to fix the red display tint affecting some Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices.

Earlier this week, it was reported that several individuals in South Korea who received pre-ordered retail units of the S8 and S8+ had complained of a red tint present on the display. Samsung stated that the tint was due to a settings issue, and an anonymous Samsung representative suggested that the company may not have had the time to correctly set the colour balance due to "extremely high demand".

In a statement to the Korea Herald, a Samsung spokesperson has now stated that the company will issue a software update for all S8 devices by the end of April, that should rectify the issue:

Because there are some complaints about the red-tinted screens, we decided to upgrade the software next week for all Galaxy S8 clients

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ make their US retail debut today, with release in Europe set to begin on April 28. As such, it is likely that the software update will roll out to all regions instead of being restricted to South Korea.

Source: The Korea Herald via IBTimes

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