Samsung unveils the first 32GB DDR3 RAM module

Technology just keeps on increasing at a fairly speedy rate, and the glorious folks at Samsung are here to help us along with the next improvement; according to I4U, they have just revealed their latest RAM module, this one packing a modest 32GB.

The memory is DDR3, as mentioned, and is actually designed for servers; it's constructed using Samsung 50nm 4Gb DDR3 chips, and operates at 1.35 volts, whilst supporting the trend of keeping data center power usage to a minimum. I4U states that these modules manage to reduce power consumption by 20%, when up against 1.5V DDR3 modules, which can save a vast amount of money when you consider the size of data centers. It is mentioned that these modules are made up of a hefty 72 4Gb DDR3 chips that we mentioned before, which get lined up in sets of nine quad-die packaged 16Gb DDR3 chips, placed on each side of the module.

Unfortunately, pricing has not been released for these modules, nor has any information about a desktop or laptop variety, but according to Engadget, they're in the works as we speak (in an 8GB DIMM form, they say).

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