Samsung worker arrested for stealing $700,000 of phones to pay off $800,000 gambling debt

A man has been arrested for stealing over 8,000 phones from Samsung over a period of two years. The stolen handsets were sold to a retailer for 800 million South Korean won or $711,743.

The man, simply known as Lee, joined Samsung in 2010. He was able to smuggle the handsets out of the office utilizing his wheelchair, which allowed him to bypass the body scanners that employees are typically required to pass through to prevent such incidents.

Samsung became aware of the problem when it started seeing handsets that were not marked for sale appearing in Vietnam. Lee was using the extra money to pay off his gambling debt, which had ballooned to 900 million won or roughly $800,000.

Samsung has had an excellent start to the year with sales of its latest handset, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The firm has sold over five million devices within the first few weeks and is looking to further redeem itself from last year's Galaxy Note7 incident with the eventual release of the Galaxy Note8.

Source: The Investor via Android Authority | Image via adrianisen (YouTube)

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