Samsung's Galaxy S II launch event delayed due to Irene

Hurricane Irene is currently hitting the US's East Coast, including New York City. As a result of the storm, a large number of events have been either canceled or postponed in the city. One of them is Samsung's US launch of the long awaited Galaxy S II smartphone. The event was supposed to be held in Manhattan on Monday. However, Engadget reports that Samsung has elected to be better safe and sorry when it comes to predicting how much damage Hurricane Irene will cause. The event will now be held on Tuesday, August 30.

In related news, has posted up a leaked image that shows the three different versions of the Samsung Galaxy S II that will be shown off at that New York City press event. This image would seem to confirm that T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T will all offer their own versions of the Android-based smartphone. As we reported earlier this week, Verizon Wireless has confirmed it won't be offering the Samsung Galaxy S II to its customers, although Internet rumors suggest that Verizon will soon get another Samsung Android phone with similar tech specs to the Galaxy S II.

This is not the only press event that Samsung is holding this week. On Thursday, September 1, the company will be holding one in Europe where it will apparently be revealing a number of new devices. While we know the names of some of the devices Samsung is scheduled to reveal at the event, there's been nothing revealed about their specs.

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