Samsung's Q4 2012: $52.45 billion in revenue, $8.27b profit

The past few days have seen many companies come out with their financial reports for Q4 2012 and now Samsung is taking their turn to tell shareholders how they performed in the last quarter. Unsurprisingly, the results are quite good, with Samsung posting revenue of 56.06 trillion won (US$52.45 billion) with an operating profit of 8.84 trillion won (US$8.27 billion). For the entire year of 2012, Samsung reported 201.10 trillion won revenue ($188.14 billion) for 29.05 trillion won profit (US$27.18 billion).

Basically, every one of Samsung's divisions reported an increase on the last quarter and also an increase compared to the same quarter last year. Here's a breakdown of some of the figures:

  • Profits for Q4 are up 10% compared to Q3, and are an 89.3% increase on Q4 2011
  • Samsung's Mobile Communications division grew 4% compared to Q3, and were up 58.5% compared to Q4 2011. This growth was on the back of great Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II sales.
  • Their Semiconductor division grew 10% quarter-on-quarter while posting 39% more revenue
  • Surprisingly, the Consumer Electronics division (which sells TVs and appliances) reported a 20% increase in sales for an 87% increase in profit, quarter-on-quarter.

One of the few divisions that posted a reduced amount of sales was the Display Panel division, whose revenue was down 8% compared to Q3. That said, in Samsung's outlooks for 2013, they expect the Display Panel division to grow slightly, helped by a strong demand for tablet panels and large (60"+) premium displays. Samsung also expects growth in most of their other areas, save for featurephones which it predicts will decline in favor of a rise in smartphones, and a weak Q1 2013 due to seasonality.

Overall things are looking quite good for the Korean electronics giant, and with impending announcements for new products including a Galaxy S III successor, 2013 could well be another big year for Samsung.

Source: Samsung (PDF)

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