Santa switches to Google Voice

If there is one person to keep up with this time of year, its Santa. Everyone is always wondering; what smartphone is he using to communicate with his elves, what tablet is he using to store his naughty/nice list, is he using 4G or is he still on 3G? We dont have the answers for those questions but, thanks to the Google Blog, we do know that he uses Google Voice. 

If youve got children in the house, Santa wants you to know that they can call and leave a message on his Google Voice inbox anytime. The number to reach Santa to leave a message is 855-34-SANTA. Unfortunately Santas way too busy to call anybody back so he and Google teamed up to create a way for you to send your own holiday greetings from his Google Voice number. 

Google Voice is powering the Send a Call From Santa service where you can send a personalized message to someones Facebook, email, or even their phone (U.S. phone numbers only). If that isnt enough for your little munchkins, dont forget to track Santas journey around the world on Christmas Eve with the NORAD Santa Tracker

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