Satellite broadband for cars goes live in UK

Can't get broadband? Nowhere near a BT-enabled DSL exchange or a cable franchise? No worries - get broadband fitted to your motor.

That's right, along with a rear spoiler, alloys and thumping great big music system, Brighton-based Isonetric Broadband will install a mobile, fully automated satellite broadband system in your motor. This is a product that will allow trucks, vans, buses or any other mobile vehicle to hook up to broadband - sadly though, not on the move.

According to the blurb, once you're parked up, it's merely a question of hitting a button and the system automatically points the dish at a satellite in the southern sky. Then you're online.

The service costs from £159 (ex VAT) a month and the cost of the kit is £12,000.

News source: The Reg

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