Savage 2: A Tortured Soul for free - offline

Yahoo has got the scoop that S2 Games will indeed offer Savage 2: A Tortured Soul, S2 Games upcoming RTS/FPS hybrid sequel for free - anytime, anywhere you want. The only catch - you can only play the game offline against AI opponents in a practice mode or via LAN play. S2 Games will allow you to download the entire game, save for two features and play against computer controlled AI to "sample" the game, or you can play against other people via a LAN connection. Stat tracking, persistent items and experience will not be enabled for the free "sample" version, and of course you cannot play against real people. Those are the only two limitations. Once you are happy with the game you can purchase an account through S2 Games website for $29.99US and begin playing against actual people online and have full stat tracking, item and experiences enabled.


This is a terrific deal from S2 Games. Being an independent developer, this is a truly smart marketing scheme. Kudos to them for proving once again that they really are gamers making games for gamers.


Link: S2 Games

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