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Save Jeeves! - A Former Employee Speaks Out

As posted on this and other sites, one of the most famous icons of the internet, the butler of Ask Jeeves, is about to get sacked. A fan and former employee speaks out -- some quotes from the article below:

"I want to save Jeeves, and I want YOUR help."

"I think the biggest travesty of the Jeeves decision though, is this ultimate slap to the face of it's most loyal fans -- the users."

"In an age where Google's results are constantly getting poorer due to intense spamming by people exploiting the Goliath's page-ranking vulnerabilities, Jeeves results only look better and better in comparison. (I know Google zealots will vehmently disagree, but go ahead, and take both sites through the Pepsi Challenge, and you'll see what I mean)"

View: The Save Jeeves Blog

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