Save your tickets, split the bill and ask for money with Google Pay

Google Pay superseded Android Pay and Google Wallet just earlier this year, and the Mountain View company is today announcing a series of improvements to the service which could make your life much easier.

For starters, the Google Pay app is absorbing features from Google Pay Send, so you'll be able to request and send money to friends from the same app where you manage all your payments. What's more, it's now much easier to split the bill when you go to a group dinner with friends. If you picked up the tab with Google Pay, you'll be able to select your recent payments and ask up to five people for their share of the spending. That's not a lot of people, so this will only work with small groups for now, and the feature is only available in the United States, with availability in the UK expected soon.

The service is also gaining the ability to store event tickets and boarding passes from a number of new providers, starting with Ticketmaster and Southwest, but with plans to support Eventbrite, Singapore Airlines, and Vueling in the future as well. These will be stored in a new Passes tab in the Android app, along with loyalty and gift cards as well as other offers, and they'll replace the need to print your tickets and remember where you put them. Las Vegas Monorail tickets were already added to the service earlier this year, though in a different fashion.

Alongside all the new features, Google is also making it easier to manage all of your payment information through the Google Pay website or in the app itself, with all of the information syncing across devices as you update it. You can get the Android app from here, but as of right now, we can only find a listing for Google Pay Send on the iOS App Store, which will presumably be updated with the new enhancements.

Source: Google

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