SBLive as an Audigy - My Experience

K guys and gals. You may of heard the rambling on about how Creative have once again taken us from behind and done nasty things to us SBLive users. It appears that the famed Emu10k1 chip is compatible with the latest Audigy drivers improving the sound to no end (if you know how to install the drivers that is).

Well I dunno and dont really care.. I can however tell you that converting my SBLive Player to the Audigy drivers solved the stupid and irratating sound errors cracks and pops when listening to mp3 and someone signs onto msn messenger The sound is not noticeably different in that it is better or worse. For me.. The annoying sound errors appear to be gone.

More than enough reason to keep this conversion. Some people can try it for themselves, post your results. You may be surprised.

View: Maxreboots coverage of the conversion

Download: Audigy.rar file with instructions on how to proceed (54mb file, yeah!)

This is for Creative Live! users only. Proceed at your own risk.

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