Sci-Fi in Seattle

Time is never too lacking for a Microsoft Co-Founder to show off his geekiness :P

Microsoft Co-Founder to open museum dedicated to genre.

Martians, time travelers and robots will have a new home in Seattle, thanks to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

The reclusive billionaire is creating the country's first Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, set to open Friday.

Science fiction ``reflects and comments on humankind's hopes, dreams and fears,'' Allen said, adding that the new museum is designed to inspire critical thinking about culture and society.

Allen, who is using his earthly riches to search for extraterrestrial life forms and to launch the first private rocket into space this month, has packed the $20 million museum with his personal memorabilia.

The artifacts include Captain Kirk's command chair from the television series ``Star Trek,'' the model spaceship from the 1951 film ``The Day the Earth Stood Still'' and the B9 robot from the television series ``Lost in Space.''

In addition, the museum will house rare first-edition books, such as Isaac Asimov's ``Foundation'' trilogy, Ray Bradbury's ``The Martian Chronicles'' and ``Fahrenheit 451'' and H.G. Wells' ``The Time Machine.''

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