SCi planning Highlander game

For those to whom "Highlander" means very little, it was the first of a series of films that began in the late 80s with Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery in central roles, and grew to span three more movies and a TV series, and to make an awful lots of money in DVD sales.

SCi Entertainment has announced a collaboration with Davis Panzer Productions to "develop the game rights to the classic Highlander franchise," adding to the UK publisher's growing canon of film projects including Constantine and Reservoir Dogs.

In terms of what it actually was - the idea was that immortal warriors lived among us, and every so often they got together and swished their swords at one another. The only way they could die would be to have their heads chopped off by these big blades, which led to a rather exciting light show and a more powerful surviving Highlander.

News source: EuroGamer

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