SCO: No New Lawsuits, But Higher Licensing Fees?

SCO Group recently announced that it will no longer seek legal action against companies running Linux. In lieu of this announcement, companies' interest in protecting themselves from SCO's lawyers has waned.

In a move to counter such complacency, SCO is currently "evaluating" raising it's licensing fee. Blake Stowell, SCO's Public Relations Director, claims that "companies that license now may be able to do so cheaper than if they do so later", alluding that lawsuits could potentially happen again in the future.

Interest in SCO's SCOscource license program has been steadily tailing off which could suggest that many companies believe SCO will lose it's various court battles. If this happens, SCO's claim that Linux contains it's intellectual property would dissolve and the need for licensing would be no more.

News source: ZDnet

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