SCO post Second Quater results

Utah based SCO's have just released their 2nd Quarter results, which contain some interesting information. SCO made just over $10 million in the time period, with losses of approximatly $14 million. What's really interesting, however, is the amount of money they have so far made from their litigation against Linux (aka 'license revenue'): $11,000.

The $11,000 came from EV1, a hosting company who paid SCO the licensing fees to protect its customers from potential law suits. Although SCO has launched attacks on many businesses (IBM, Novell) they have yet to win any court case or legal judgement. Indeed, the only thing they have won is much scepticism and criticicsm from the wider IT community.

Asides from persuing it's attack on Linux, it was recently suggested that Microsoft had been backing the attack indirectly, via an investment from Baystar capital. Baystar have since requested SCO return their invested funds.

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