SCO Shares Linux Code

Company claims it can prove source code was directly copied from Unix.

The SCO Group is taking its case against the Linux operating system and IBM on the road.

Last week, the company began showing code to U.S. analysts that, it claims, proves that the source code to the Linux operating system contains sections of code lifted directly from SCOs Unix code base.

SCOs presentation, which has been seen by analysts at Gartner and Aberdeen Group, features pieces of software that IBM contributed to the Linux code base, SCO said. That code was derived from SCOs Unix code, itself derived from AT&Ts System V Unix code, and then distributed to the Linux community in violation of SCOs licensing agreement, the company said.

SCO will spend the month of June showing its evidence to analysts and journalists who are interested in seeing it, said SCOs general manager of SCOsource, Chris Sontag.

News source: PC World

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