Screenshot Captor 2.32.01 Beta

Screenshot Captor  is a program for taking screenshots on your computer. It's different from other screenshot utilis in several notable ways:

* Optimized for taking lots of screenshots with minimal intervention.
* Smart autonaming of files, and ability to embed textual comments in files.
* Good multi-monitor support.
* Highly configurable to make it work the way you want it to; stays out of your way in the system tray.
* Lots of capture modes: Multimon (multiple monitors), Desktop, Active Window, Region, Windows Object. Each mode has a hotkey for quick access.

* Unique Cool Effects, including automatic active window enhancement (see pictures below).
* Unsurpassed support for 3rd party user configurable tools, includingfile browsers and image editors; extend the program to do whatever youneed by interfacing it with other programs.
* Slimline sidebar file browser provides full shell operations.
* Optional automatic image file versioning.
* Seamless integration with Unicode Image Maker tool.
* Automatically finds boundaries of non-rectangular/themed windows.
* Autoscroll capture for windows too big for screen.
* Deluxe thumbnail maker.
* Quick PostCapture PopUp Dialog.
* Quick Screenshot Emailer Menu.

Changes in version 2.32.01 - April 6th, 2007

* Added main screen checkbox to hide screenshot panel entirely (use Ctrl+H shortcut to toggle also).
* Yet again trying to improve screenshot thumbnail refreshing but maybe making it worse.
* Tried to make it select last screenshot when you delete current screenshot.
* Fixed rare RichEdit error message.
* Save+ version save now reports saved file name in statusbar.
* Attempt to fix weird taskbar initial display on startup (but i may have messed up stuff worse).
* Added quickie email dropdown in post-cap popup dialog.
* Added subject to email sendto menu.
* Default DPI setting is now honored even from SaveAs in popup form.
* Escape no longer minimizes Screenshot Captor.
* Added hotkey for deleting all screenshots (Ctrl+Alt+D).
* Attempting to improve thumbnail refreshing errors.

Download: Screenshot Captor 2.32.01 freeware
Link: Get Free License Key
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