Sea of Thieves 1.2.2 update now available, Cursed Sails campaign extended by a week

Today's Sea of Thieves 1.2.2 update isn't a big one, only rotating the skeleton ship battle regions and implementing fixes. However, alongside it arrived an announcement that should be useful to players who have yet to experience the new event.

Although Cursed Sails was slated to end next week, Rare has decided to extend the campaign, meaning that pirates of the Sea of Thieves will now have an extra week to battle skeleton ships and solve the mystery behind their appearance. There is, of course, plenty of doubloons to earn and cosmetics to unlock as well.

The below image from Rare details the new time periods and regions that the skeleton ships will spawn in this week. Be prepared to go against three new skeleton crews with some unique cursed cannonballs.

Only a single issue has been solved in today's patch, but there are a few known issues that are being worked on:

Fixed Issues

  • Fleet Protectors of the Ancient Isles Commendation now unlocks correctly.

Known Issues

  • The Kraken has been temporarily disabled due to performance issues.

We are working to enable this feature as quickly as possible.

  • Items placed behind the barrels at the bow of the Brigantine cannot be picked back up.
  • Merchant Alliance crates on board a ship which sinks will not float to the surface and cannot be picked up.
  • Skeletons killed underwater do not display the death explosion VFX.

The update is now available for Sea of Thieves players on Windows 10 PCs and the Xbox One family of consoles.

Moreover, Rare had some more information to share regarding what's next for the game in its new developer update video. The studio is working on how the skeleton ships will be integrated into the world once the event comes to a close. Cursed cannonballs, which are currently exclusive to skeleton ships, will also become something that players can use themselves.

As for the next major Sea of Thieves content update, Forsaken Shores, Rare said to keep an eye out for a sneak peak during gamescom, which is to be held from August 21 to August 25.

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