Sea of Thieves 1.4.2 update ends holiday festivities and brings in bug fixes

Sea of Thieves updates have started back up again following the holidays, and today's 1.4.2 update mainly marks the end of the in-game festivities that gave pirates special bountiful voyages. As things return to normal, the Outpost decorations have been taken down as well.

However, this does not mean Gilded Voyages are not doable anymore, as any pirates who still have one in their inventory can attempt to have a go at any time. The Bilge Rats just won't be handing new ones out anymore.

In addition to lowering loading times and introducing scalable text chat, Rare has also managed to nail down and fix several bugs with this update:

  • Cannon radial no longer sticks on a player's screen if they are knocked away from a cannon.
  • The lowest LOD texture on the galleon ladder has been updated.
  • Players on the Ferry of the Damned will now be credited for Krakens killed by their crew.
  • Players no longer get teleported to the middle of the map while on a Rowboat during server migration.
  • Players should no longer intermittently fall off ship ladders when reaching the top.
  • Rewards in Kraken Watchtower Vault have been rearranged so they can all be picked up.
  • Migrating with an in-progress ‘X marks the spot’ map no longer puts treasure back in the dig spots.

The 1.4.2 update has been deployed and the servers are already back up from their maintenance session. It weighs in at 965MB on Windows 10 PCs and 877MB on Xbox One consoles.

The new competitive mode for Sea of Thieves - The Arena - that Rare announced recently will probably be releasing later this month as well. This separate free mode will function as a competitive treasure hunting experience for pirates looking for a quick play session.

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