Sea of Thieves players will soon be able to change their pirate's appearance

Today, Rare kicked off the new Sea of Thieves News video series on its YouTube channel, and on its debut episode, it was revealed that one of the most requested features of the game is finally arriving. With the upcoming Crews of Rage monthly content update that will hit the game on February 19, players will be able to change the appearance of their pirates.

Although dressing up pirates using cosmetic items has always been possible in Sea of Thieves for personalizing the characters, the actual base appearance of them would get locked in place after selecting it during the first play session. Now, Rare is adding a "Pirate Appearance Potion" to the Pirate Emporium store that will let players redo the entire appearance selection process from scratch without resetting any progress.

This potion will cost 149 Ancient Coins according to the video, so it will cost real money to do the change unless the interested player has some spare coins from a rare Ancient Skeleton drop.

Also coming with next week's update is a new cursed treasure named the Chest of Rage. This chest will slowly build up a charge and explode - while also setting fire to anything nearby - if players don’t cool it down periodically. Leaving it on some water inside of a ship will even superheat the liquid enough to damage players.

Charity sails

Following the successful run that had raised over $76,000 for the SpecialEffect charity, Rare is bringing back another set of charity sails with the next update. All proceeds from these new Valiant Dawn sails will go towards St. Jude Children's Hospital charity.

Moreover, Rare will be tweaking the mermaid occurrence timer, sword combat, and fixing various bugs among other features and changes that it is keeping secret until the full Crews of Rage reveal next week.

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