Sea of Thieves Seabound Soul update is here heralding fire and a new Tall Tale

Earlier this month during Microsoft's X019 presentation, Rare unveiled the Seabound Soul update that was coming to Sea of Thieves, and today, it has been pushed out to all players. The update is carrying one of the most requested features for the game, fire, alongside a new Tall Tale campaign, and more.

Fire arrives mainly in the form of Firebombs. Found in barrels, this new item can either be loaded into cannons for shooting or simply thrown like a grenade by players. Fires can also start from lightning, gunpowder explosions, flaming volcanic rocks, and even cooking accidents, so be prepared to form bucket brigades. There is a new helpful water barrel placed on ships now too.

As for the new Tall Tale, it puts adventuring pirates through a lore-filled campaign following the trail of the dead and ghostly pirate Sir Arthur Pendragon. Just like the other Tall Tales that were added with the Anniversary Update. This takes place in the usual multiplayer world of Sea of Thieves, so be prepared to bump into other crews.

A new Ashen line of voyages, black market cosmetics, achievements, Pirate Emporium pad additions, and more have been added as well. Moreover, portable ammo boxes are also a thing now, found washed up on shores. They have a limited supply of ammunition for balance's sake that need to be restocked at a regular old stationary ammo box when needed.

Head over to the Seabound Soul update's landing page Rare has set up to get deeper details on the new Tall Tale campaign, looks at the new cosmetic items, voyages, and more. Being a major content update, be prepared for a hefty update size as well.

Already bringing the heat, the servers are now up and running, inviting all players on Xbox One and Windows 10 to join in.

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