Sea of Thieves Vaults of the Ancients update delivers dogs, treasure vaults, and more

The latest monthly content update to Sea of Thieves has arrived a little earlier than usual, probably because the August update's main features were delayed to this month, allowing for a faster deployment. The Vaults of the Ancients update carries the promised dogs, a new riches-filled location to plunder, and more.

Dogs are the latest pet type to get added into the adventure game, with Rare offering three breeds to choose from: Alsatian, Inu, and Whippet. As with other pet types, players can use the Pirate Emporium premium shop to purchase a dog of their choice and costumes using Ancient Coins.

Alongside the canine pals, the update also delivers a major upgrade to the Gold Hoarder trading company, which now offers Treasure Vault Voyages. Accepting one of these voyages will give players a compass that will point towards map pieces that will reveal the location of a hidden Vault Key. Once found, these keys can be returned to the Gold Hoarders as promised or - as this is a pirate game - used on a Treasure Vault.

Vaults will have piles of gold, treasure chests, and more, but to claim the ultimate prize, players will have to solve a riddle to find the Chest of Ancient Tributes, all before the Vault doors close on them.

Other additions in this update include an option to slim down or simply disable the island notification that happens when approaching one, further optimizations to single stick camera functionality, and a circular UI navigation option, alongside new cosmetic items and achievements.

The patch notes page of Sea of Thieves update 2.0.18 Vaults of the Ancients can be seen here, which also includes handy lists of fixed and known issues. The update is now live across Windows 10, Xbox One, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass.

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