Secret Kindle Fire price cuts hit Target and Walmart?

There have been price cuts on items this past weekend that have been promoted by their participating retailers until the cows come home. Then there are sales that you only find out about when you actually get to the store. That could be the latter case for the Kindle Fire in at least some Walmart and Target stores. The web site has posted up photos from one of its users as proof that both stores, at least at one point, were selling Amazon's seven inch tablet for just $123.38 this past weekend.

The photos include images of receipts as well as price displays. The images were apparently taken on Saturday which means that the deals might have expired by now. However, there might still be a chance to pick up this Android powered tablet for much cheaper than its already rock bottom price of $199.99.

Assuming these are not just some clever Photoshop fake images, you have to wonder if this secret deal was authorized by Amazon in order to get even more Kindle Fire tablets to be sold over the Black Friday weekend or if Walmart and Target decided to make this move on their own. In any case, the lesson here is that a good deal is sometimes not advertised in the newspaper circulars or on the Internet.

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