Secrets of Mirage 0.9.3 released!

Scorpware has released
version 0.9.3 of Secrets of Mirage! Secrets of Mirage which is also known as
SoM, is a highly addictive 2D Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. New
features include:

  • Item drops from NPCs now
    auto-insert into player inventories.

  • Now have the option to
    kick your character if it is already online when you try to login.

  • General and Commander
    guild ranks.

  • "All Death" map
    morality where any player can be killed at any level.

  • Game on-screen text

  • Level cap at 1000.

  • Ability to officially duel
    players with a command, level 20 required.

  • Duel records are saved for
    each player.

  • Map tiles that can open
    websites and a sign tile

  • Email addresses may now be
    assigned to accounts.

  • Container/chest map object
    which may hold an item and require a key to open.

In total, there are 65 additions/fixes.

SoM is a very large and friendly community which adds
something to an MMORPG that no other game could bring. One of SoM's greatest
attributes is its chat - you can chat on map, globally to everyone, clan chat
or private message. One of SoM's flaws is that new players usually hate or love
the game. This game is perfect for Classic Game lovers because it gives an 8-16
bit graphics experience, almost like SNES games.

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View: SoM's Website

Download: Download Client

Personal Comment:

I personally downloaded and
gave a go at this game. I must admit that the graphics are not 3D, nor were
they extremely appealing, but something about it made me come back. Maybe I
liked the classic graphics, it seemed to give me a break from these 3D
environmental graphics...but that's just me. I especially love the community because it
was almost like a small farm town where everyone knew each other by their first names. They are friendly yes, but they are also hilarious because some of
the players would make many jokes to help lighten the mood. I was also
extremely impressed when I discovered that SoM was programmed by 1 person. Even
though the game consists of developers, mappers and moderators to help sustain
stability and expand the realm, I found it impressive that one person programs the game and has done it for more than 3 years now. Not only is this
lone man programming great, SoM's client and server is fully programmed in
Visual Basic, and actually works well! There is a rare chance of a server crash
and the lag is low. The admins are always helpful, fair and actually care!
That's it! That's what I love about this game so much, the individual

attention given to every player. SoM does not have
thousands of players online at a time and because of that the players on SoM benefit
from it. If something happens to you, everyone is willing to help. I Love it!
Sadly many of you readers will not because the 8-16bit GFX will not suit your
requirements. But that's what a game is, some like it, some don't. If you like
it then play the hell out of SoM, I know I will.

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