Security expert says Mac users may have a false sense of sec

Spyware and keystroke loggers have often been thought of as a Windows only problem, but Nicholas Raba, CEO of and co-author of Maximum Security says many Apple Macintosh users may have a false sense of security. SecureMac has released MacScan which detects and removes Macintosh spyware, remote administration utilities and keystroke loggers. In a telephone interview, Raba talked to us about current and future Macintosh spyware and virus threats.

Raba hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and has been programming on the Macintosh since the Mac Classic days. He has been involved in the computer security for several years and is probably more well-known for his hacker handle "Freaky" than his real name. Raba has authored Mac Security in 2004 and co-authored the 4th edition of Maximum Security.


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