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Sega.com Launches Legacy Online

Sega.com on Monday announced the official launch of Legacy Online - a massively multiplayer strategy game for the PC. Legacy Online places players in charge of capitalist empires and offers a persistent world where businesses operate continually. Players co-exist on one of many planets and attempt to expand their business portfolio through strategic purchases and community building. Each player begins with an initial investment of 100 million dollars to establish their company on one of the game's various planets. Successful players can strategically manipulate the entire economy and politics of their planet.

Developer Oceanus and Sega.com have included an in-game tutorial and a browser-like "Favorites" building shortcut menu as well as a streamlined system for managing supply chains of goods and services.

Legacy Online is currently available for the PC at a subscription rate of $9.95 per month. There's no initial cost to download the game - and the first two weeks are free for new subscribers.

News source: The Adrenaline Vault

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