Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter project funded in 28 hours

It's been a good year so far for fans who want to support classic PC gaming. Two major projects, Double Fine's still unnamed point-and-click adventure game, and inXile's plan to release a sequel to the 1988 RPG Wasteland, are now in production thanks to successful fund raising efforts via Kickstarter.

Now you can add the revival of yet another classic game franchise that has Kickstarter and its fans to thank for its funding. Shadowrun Returns, a planned RPG based on the long running cyberpunk-fantasy series, has reached its funding goal of $400,000 just 28 hours after the project's website went live.

The game will be a 2D turn-based game with strategy elements and will be released for the PC (along with a level editor), as well as Mac, iPad and Android tablet versions. The game itself is being developed by the Seattle-based team at Harebrained Schemes, founded by Jordan Weisman, who created the Shadowrun franchise 25 years ago.

With 23 days to go before the Kickstarter funding project's time runs out, Harebrained Schemes states they will add more features to Shadowrun Returns if they reach new funding goals, including co-op play, PvP deathmatch and more.

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