Sharp has created a new Free-Form LCD panel

Sharp Corporation has announced the development of a new LCD panel that can be created in any shape. The new Free-Form panel technology will open up new possibilities for current products and create new opportunities for emerging product categories.

The new display differs from current LCD panels that have their circuits embedded around the display, which is why current LCD panels all share the same rectangular shape. The new panels have their circuits embedded across the display, which allows Sharp to manufacture displays in any shape.

The new LCD panel will revolutionize the industry and bring forth a wave of new products with unique shapes and thinner bezels. But don’t expect them anytime soon: Sharp has stated they have plans to put them into commercial production by 2017.

Sharp is currently in talks with several major manufacturers from around the world that will produce new products based on this technology. Perhaps in the future we will see new wearables and smart watches created from Free-Form displays.

While it’s too early to tell how successful this new technology will be, it is certain that Sharp is pushing the boundaries as a technological leader, evolving the display industry.

Source: Sharp via Nikkei | Image via Sharp

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