Ships "No Compromise" Chip for DTR Notebooks

NVIDIA Corp. started shipments of its top-performing mobile graphics processing unit dubbed GeForce Go 6800 Ultra aiming desktop replacement (DTR) notebooks. The chip was originally announced in November, 2004, but is only now adopted in a commercial product. "The GeForce Go 6800 Ultra mobile GPU was designed specifically for hard core enthusiasts," said Rob Csongor, general manager of mobile business at NVIDIA.

The GeForce Go 6800 is a specially-designed code-named NV41M flavour of the desktop GeForce 6800 graphics processor made using 0.13 micron process technology at IBM's East Fishkill facility. The mobile chip aimed at DTR laptops has 12 pixel pipelines, 5 vertex pipelines and features either 128- or 256-bit DDR or GDDR3 memory interface. NVIDIA can ship a number of the GeForce 6800 Go versions: with graphics processing unit (GPU) clock-speeds vary from 275MHz to 450MHz and memory frequencies differ from 400MHz to 600MHz. The one with GPU clocked at 450MHz and memory operating at 550MHz is specifically branded as GeForce Go 6800 Ultra

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