Shirtless Bieber too much for major live streaming sites

According to the story, the young pop-superstar decided that he would snub the Grammy Awards, which had apparently snubbed him with a total of zero nominations, and hold a live stream event at the same time.

But not all went to plan.

In fact, one could say it was a lack of planning that caused a series of issues at both Livestream and Ustream that left an estimated thousands of fans out in the dark - with only shirtless screencaps from the moments he was able to stream.

Apparently the trouble began on Livestream, where the servers were over capacity within minutes of the stream beginning. Bieber than moved over to competing service Ustream, where he quickly had similar issues. He then gave up on the live stream, shared a new song on SoundCloud, and called it a night.

Fingers are likely to be pointed quickly at Livestream and Ustream for their parts in this debacle, but it's our opinion that those fingers would be wrongly pointed. Although we haven't reached out to the streaming vendors for comment, it's likely that they'd both say that had they been given time to prepare, they could have matched the required capacity. The first tweet mentioning the Livestream URL came out only six minutes before the event started, and we're guessing they were too busy tuning into the Grammy Awards to notice it.

This hasn't helped Bieber either. If his PR team were in any way involved, it might be time to replace them.

Source: The Verge

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