Shocker: Most people using Google+ are male

For the past few weeks, the new Google+ social networking service has been the talk of the tech world as more and more users sign up to use Google's new service. Earlier this week Google,as part of its latest financial results, confirmed that Google+ already has over 10 million registered users. But who exactly are all of these people who are jumping in to check out Google+?

Two separate web sites, and, both claim that a large majority of Google+ users, at least so far, are male. says the numbers of males on the service come out to 73.7 percent. claims the number of male users are even higher at 86.8 percent. In hindsight the overwhelming number of males is not that surprising as tech services such as Google+ tend to be adopted first by males before the general populace begins to use it. has some more interesting Google+ stats. It says that the top occupation listed by Google+ users is Engineer at 24.56 percent, followed by developer at 13.57 percent. The US, again not surprisingly, is the number one country with Google+ users with 49.12 percent. Tech heavy city San Francisco is the number one location for Google+ users, followed by New York and Los Angeles. As we reported earlier this week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is by far the number one most followed person on Google+. how says Zuckerberg has over 225,000 followers. Google CEO Larry Page is in second place and Google's co-founder Sergey Brin is in third place.

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