Should Microsoft step in to buy Blackberry, or should Samsung, or even Amazon?

The Blackberry Z10, the first device with the Blackberry 10 OS, is officially a sales failure.

Blackberry's announcement on MOnday that it is officially seeking "strategic alternatives", including a possible sale of the smartphone company, has already stirred the pot among financial analysts and technology enthusiasts over which company should buy it.

The CNBC business cable news network had a segment today on just that very topic and brought up several companies that in theory could buy Blackberry. Of course, Microsoft was mentioned as a possible buyer and indeed the segment had Roy Choi of TechnoBuffalo mentioning both Microsoft and Samsung as potential bidders for the company.

Even Amazon was brought up in the CNBC segment as a bidder for Blackberry. The company has been rumored to be wanting to enter the smartphone business for some time now and a purchase of Blackberry might be a fast track to accomplish this. Apple and Google are not likely to be interested in Blackberry at this stage.

However, most analysts think that ultimately no one will be putting up their money to take over Blackberry. That may leave one other option which has already been rumored before today's announcement; taking the company private again and perhaps getting out of the hardware business in favor of a software and services approach. Meanwhile, the stock price of Blackberry went up over 10 percent in trading today following the "strategic alternatives" press release.

Source: CNBC

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