Silverlight 3 on the way

Not long after releasing the second version of Microsoft's Adobe Flash competitor, Silverlight, in October this year, Microsoft has hinted that the third version is in development.

A release date is still not known, but it is certain that it will be during 2009. Silverlight 3.0 should support multiple browsers, platforms and devices.

Scott Guthrie, corporate vice-president of the .NET Developer Platform, revealed some interesting information on his blog, Guthrie underlined that he presented just a piece of the improvements. Increased media support will likely be the biggest improvement, including H.264 video support. The promised 3D and GPU hardware support should create a noticeable improvement in graphics. Earlier, at the IBC2008 show in Amsterdam, Microsoft stated that, beside H.264 support, AAC could be expected too.

In addition, the next version of Visual Studio and Visual Developer Express will support an interactive designer for Silverlight.

Speaking about multi-platform support, Microsoft Watch announced that Microsoft and Novell, the creator of SuSE, signed a few more agreements, including releasing a Silverlight version for Linux, called Moonlight.

This is almost all of the important information available until now. Silverlight 3 still is not present in any published road map by the software giant.

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