SimCity 4: Rush Hour, Expansion

No, the latest expansion pack for EA's SimCity 4 won't include Jackie Chan or Chris Tucker. What it does is add a ton of new features to the original game that focus on the transportation infrastructure of your cities. We got a hands-on look at Rush Hour at E3 2003.

The first feature demonstrated to us allows you to control cars and other vehicles on the streets. The driving abilities are tied into little missions that you can accept. For example, a dialogue box may pop up telling you about a carjacker trying to escape the city. You can hop into a police cruiser and use the arrow keys to steer your car through traffic and even off-road to try and catch the suspect before he leaves city limits. If you're successful in the chase (the mechanics of which are not unlike the original Grand Theft Auto), you'll reduce the crime quotient in your city by a bit, increase your mayoral rating, and get a reward of a deluxe police station. The new building includes an attached helipad with a flyable helicopter that may be used in similar missions. The helicopter even has a little searchlight that you can switch on and off

News source: GameSpot

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