Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment, hands on gives a preview of the upcoming micro-expansion, Entrechment, for Sins of a Solar Empire.

Next week Ironclad will be releasing the first ever micro-expansion for our 2008 Game of the Year, Sins of a Solar Empire. Titled Entrenchment, the new addition to the Sins franchise brings a host of defense-oriented improvements that should help players beat back the dreaded pirate surge and also put a stop to aggravating siege ship infiltrations. The new defenses come in three different varieties: mines, platform upgrades and, cue the fanfare, star bases. Last week we played through a handful of campaigns to get a feel for how the new additions function for each of the three races in the Sins universe.

Star bases are obviously the most impressive and, not surprisingly, also the most costly of the three new additions in terms of research and resources. Even so, we were very surprised to see that star bases are available fairly early in the game and, once properly upgraded, a ridiculously good bargain for players who are willing to invest the resources and time required to build them. Of course, since we're still playing a pre-release version of the game, it's possible that some last-minute balancing by Ironclad may shift things around a bit.

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