Siri cracked, theoretically available on other platforms

The rumors have gone back and forth on whether Siri will become officially supported on Apple hardware that isn't the iPhone 4S, but not so nebulous was the inevitability that enterprising coders would eventually divine Siri's secrets and open her up to other hardware unofficially. And today, exactly one month since Siri's debut on October 14, a design and development studio called Applidium claims to have done just that.

Theoretically, this means that support for Siri could be hacked onto other Apple devices, such as the iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch and possibly even older devices, through unofficial means such as jailbreaking. The most surprising bit of news, however, is that Applidium claims that by cracking open Siri's protocol, they could also (again, theoretically) write apps that could interface with Siri from Android devices or laptop computers and more.

Of course, there is a huge caveat to that claim - that all data sent to Siri's cloud brain needs a valid iPhone 4S identification string to authenticate. As these strings are unique to each device, any kind of unofficial Siri support would inevitably run into the issue of spoofing unique strings for a potentially huge number of unsupported devices. A large volume of traffic from one or a number of specific IDs would be pretty easy to pick out, reject and blacklist on Apple's end.

Applidium's blog post has a lot of the technical nitty-gritty details on how exactly they accomplished this impressive feat, and also a bit on how Siri itself functions on the backend. It's definitely an interesting read if you're the right type - you know who you are.

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