Six Months on the Frontlines

Freelance writer and former Atari public relations manager W. Jayson Hill has subjected himself to six months working video game retail. He sheds some light on the topics of used game sales, the ESRB and parents, console launch windows and more. Publishers, pay attention...

For the last six months I've been on the frontlines. No, I haven't been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan (my years in the Army are long behind me); I've been working retail at a Rhino Video Games since September.

After working PR for one consumer electronics company and two video game publishers, and writing freelance as a video game journalist, I've found myself in what the popular vernacular calls "trailing-spouse" status; I'm following my wife's career. With no freelance opportunities currently in sight, I decided I needed to at least exercise my mind (a.k.a. keep my sanity) and learn something new about the video game industry that I could use later for sales, buying or even marketing in the industry.

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