Skimo TV will allow you to watch an hour-long TV show in six minutes

Sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to enjoy all the great TV shows, movies, and streaming media clips that are available. Luckily, there is a company that is aiming to change how we consume video by introducing a new technology that will essentially condense video content. 

Skimo TV is a startup founded by former Motorola employees Vasu Srinivasan and Dave Penny. Skimo TV is a video summarization technology engine that will allow videos to be processed and broken down into their core parts. This means that you will spend less time skimming videos and more time watching them. 

​Skimo is a unique engine that combs film and video content and extracts the most important parts. It does this by creating highlights, roughly two to three minutes, of long form videos. According to the Skimo TV page, it can take about 20 minutes of video and break it down into a sample video of two to three minutes in length. That means that you can theoretically watch some of your favorite hour-long TV shows in about six minutes. 

The service is also capable of handling video content in any language. It can do this because films, TV shows, and video content often have signatures indicating when an important scene is taking place. Skimo TV creates clips from these moments, producing detail rich videos. 

Although it might not be the most satisfying and immersive method, for those that are limited on time, Skimo could become one of the best ways to catch up on video content. 

Source: Skimo TV via Daily Mail UK | Image via Skimo TV and NBC

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