SkullTrail, Intel's "QuadFX" version

A few months ago, AMD released the QuadFX Platform, a high-end platform that gives the possibility to put two processors on the same motherboard. Intel, not wanting fall behind, has already shown a prototype called V8 at the CeBIT 2007 using two Xeon Quad-Cores. Now it seems that the V8 Prototype will arrive in its final form with a new solution presented at Intel Developer Forum 2007, named SkullTrail. The new platform will be the first solution to give Octo-Cores to Intel enthusiasm users. SkullTrail will appear later this year and it is yet unknown if it will use LGA771 like the Xeons that use only FB-DIMM or if it will be a LGA775 to accommodate regular unbuffered DDR2 DIMM. There are no details on the chipset that will power SkullTrail but Intel announced that it will support not two, but four PCI-E x16 graphics cards, but again no details were divulged on which multi-GPU graphics technology Skulltrail will use.

News source: DailyTech (via Clubic)

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