Skype for Windows 8 gets new update

Yes, we know; it's another news post related to Skype. Microsoft's VoIP division has been busy today, launching a new Android version for tablets as well as announcing that it will offer Skype pre-paid gift cards for sale.

Owners of Windows 8 also will have noticed today that Skype has a new version available to download from the Windows Store. The notes for the update state that one of the new features in the app is being able to make calls to your Skype messenger contacts. However, reports that this feature requires an installation of a separate plug-in that basically launches a Skype call window on top of the messenger.

The new version also allows users to search for people and groups, something we are sure will be used a lot by folks who have extensive Skype contact lists. Microsoft says that the new Windows 8 version also has improved video call performance, along with some unnamed bug fixes.

This will likely be the first of many updates for the Windows 8 Skype client as Microsoft plans to further integrate the software with many of its software and hardware products in the months to come.

Thanks to Thewindows8user for the tip!

Source: Windows Store website | Image via Microsoft

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