Skype for Windows Phone 8 shown on video

While the official Windows 8 Skype app hasn't been announced yet (you can check out a preview of the app here), it looks like the Windows Phone 8 version of the application has been shown off on the video above.

The application will pull in all your existing contacts and allow you to launch Skype calls from the contact card and also easily setup group chats as well as make a call. 

While the video is short, it does provide a good look at the application and it appears to be production ready. We shouldn't have to wait too long to get our hands on the app as Windows Phone 8 will launch later this month; this should signal Skype's availability too.

Also shown on the video on the left side of the screen appears to be a tablet running Skype for Windows 8. While that application is not shown off in detail like the phone application, it too will likely land around the same time as the phone application.

Source: YouTube

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