Skype free for a month

It's about time! Skype is finally offering another free promotion of its VOIP service. From now till... well a month, Skype is offering free calling to a multitude of countries.

The SkypeOut service allows the user to call a landline from their computer. Utilizing a proprietary VOIP protocol based on a Peer-2-Peer architecture, Skype enables users to also chat from computer to computer, including audio, video and text capabilities.

To those that may be uninitiated, Skype is not a fly-by-night organization; it is now the largest international voice carrier. Due to the inherent nature of the Skype protocol, it is neither high-traffic nor overly taxing on typical networks. Any user with a good connection can become a supernode and help distribute traffic. This portability of protocol has enabled Skype to gain the market share it currently holds.

In the past, Skype has offered promotional free periods of its SkypeOut service, so snag this one while you can.

This is the promo link, including the list of countries eligible for the promotion.

And here is a link to the client in case you STILL don't have Skype.

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